8 years ago
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The following components are needed before installing HitWB Monitor.

- .Net Framework 4
- SQLserver 2008 Express or Sqlserver 2008 other version, server authentication Mixed mode

The installation of HitWB Monitor consists of several components

- HitCollector, windows service responsible for collecting, analyzing data collected from servers
- HitWB.net, asp.net 4 webapplication
- Sqlserver database HitWB
- HitWBCLient, optional component can be installed on client (from HitWB Monitor webapplication) for more functionality

The licensed version also has extra components:

- HitWBServiceMonitor, asp.net 4 webapplication for Service Oriented Monitoring (bridge commandcenter function e.g. on a helpdesk)
- HitNotification, windows service sending out notification about statuschanges of services