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Handle-iT is a Dutch 'no-nonsense' organization that develops software tools for the IT professional. Through our years of experience in IT in both small and large organizations our mission is to develop software that really helps the quality and stability of the IT environment with less human effort.

A lot of the software on this site is free to download! Registration/Login is easy, just login with your google or facebook account.

Our proactive monitoring software HitWB Monitor powered by Waakhond allows you to continuously monitor your server environmentso that corrective action can be taken even before production disturbance.
You have in no-time complete visibility and control over your precious server environment!

We also offer software for creating documentation automatically like SnapInstall (automate documentation creation) and AutoDocument for creating detailed system documentation automatically in PDF format.
Besides the software support for our customers through HitWB Monitor, and other products Handle-iT offers totally free downloadable tools, like RemoteExec, DeleteUserProfile, ExpiredComputerAccountsCleanup and many more.

We try to make life easier for the IT department and your customerssatisfaction high.

In a few weeks a new version of the free tool RDS Session Manager will be available for download.
Now easily logon to download free tools from Handle-iT by using your Facebook account.
Easily view and unlock --> locked out Active Directory accounts, including source computer which caused the account lockout