Different Methods of system monitoring

Saturday, May 26, 2012

HitWB Monitor can use different methods to monitor you're servers. It first tries to collect data by Windows Remote Management (WinRM), if this doesn't succeeds it defaults to native monitoring methods (RPC bases).
This is done for every server or entity that you monitor.

If you want HitWB Monitor to be able to monitor you're servers by WinRM you should make sure that it is properly configured on the server.
The following command can be given in a command window to enable WinRM:

winrm qc

Answer the question with Yes.

One of the many advantages of using WinRM over native monitoring is performance, and the use of only one single tcp port.
This means that you can have firewalls on you're servers fully enabled, and still be able to monitor everything.
Also by using WinRM, HitWB Monitor can be used to monitor servers over the internet, in a secure and reliable manner.

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