HitWB Monitor Powered by Waakhond Free Version

This is the free edition of the proactive monitoring solution. Always searching for an easy to maintain monitoring tool, you're search stops here! Specially designed to let all the work done for you!
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HitWB Monitor powered by Waakhond

New functionality is added like TCP Services Checker, URL Checker also checks security certificates, Availabilty Reports have been extended, Timedifference has got a makeover, performance improvements. HitWB Monitor is capable of using 2 methods (RPC en WSMan), and will automatically detect which to use. And all this modules function without the need of agents etc, straight out of the box.

We are pleased with the new SNMP handler, which is capable of automatically report to you a device with problems, but also automatically detects when the problem is solved. E.g. when a UPS is running on battery, a message is automatically inserted, and when the main power is restored the message will be automatically solved, like HitWB does for all other modules.

This version is approved to run on all current versions of Windows Server (2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012R2, 2016)


Full working version with the only limitation that only 3 servers can be monitored.

Always searching for an easy to maintain monitoring tool, you're search stops here. Specially designed to let all the work done for you!

Extremely easy to install, and no additional software needed on the servers you want to monitor. You can be up and running in 'No Time', and have complete insight in the health and status of you're server environment. Plus you can automatically create professional Availability reports and Capacityplanning charts.


Key features:

  • Server monitoring made easy and affordable
  • Monitoring without config files, scripts or agents
  • Multiple modules available (Windows, Linux/Unix variants, VMWare, Hyper-V etc etc)
  • Monitor remote servers securely just like local servers through a single firewall port



  • Cluster, Complete monitoring of all resources in a Windows Cluster environment
  • Database Check, Check by standard query, or own supplied query the status of you're databases
  • Diskspace, Check free diskspace and get notified if thresholds are reached
  • DFS & Replication, Check Distributed File System and if the supplied DFS is replicated correctly to all destinations
  • Eventlog, Check Windows Eventlog and get notified if errors, warnings etc are logged. Get automatically a full description what the logged message means, the severity and what you should do to solve the possible problem, or prevent system failure
  • GlobalHealth, Check a variety of Windows performance parameters like CPU Utilization, Memory, Hard disk IO, Network IO etc
  • Hyper-V, Check all you're hyper-v hosts and the vm's running on it permanently
  • Logfiles, Check logfiles (mostly textbased) for keywords supplied (like error, warning, fatal etc) and get notified if such a message is logged to the supplied logfiles
  • Netlogon replication, check Active Directory health, for example replication, trusts etc.
  • Ping, good old TCP/IP check if device is reachable over the network
  • Printservers, check Windows printserver and get notified if a printer is offline, needs toner etc etc
  • ProcessChecker, check if a given process is running and is in a healthy state
  • SNMP traps, receive snmp traps of every device capable of sending it. Also SNMP health monitoring
  • Services & Devices, check windows services & devices are running and in a healthy state, also IIS websites, application pools
  • SysLog, receive syslog messages (e.g. from a unix or linux system)
  • TaskScheduler, check scheduled tasks, if task is correctly scheduled and in a healthy state
  • Timedifference, check the time on e.g. you're domain controllers to check if they are in sync. Very important for certain authentication methods like kerberos.
  • TNSPing, check Oracle server listener if it's up and running correctly
  • TCPServicesChecker, This module allowes you to monitor TCP/IP based service (applications).
  • UrlChecker, check given url (e.q. http://www.handle-it.nl) on you're local network, or by proxy over the internet if reachable and running correctly


Also included in this free version, Service Oriented Monitoring and Capacityplanning.

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