Always wanted a tool to help you create documentation easily and automatically by a click, SnapInstall software can do it for you.

Easily make screenshots of installation procedures, for product manuals etc, SnapInstall is the tool that does it easily for you.

It nicely runs in the task notification area, and everytime you press

- PrintScreen, a snap of the active form is made, and also adds which button or control you clicked.

- Ctrl + Printscreen, a snap of the full screen is made

- Alt + Printscreen, you can select (draw) you're own selection

After making a snap you can directly add explaining text etc.

Installation is a snap, no need to install, just xcopy the software and start running it.

Can making documentation get any easier?

SnapInstall 2.0 improvements:

  • Possibility to add text to snap immediately after making the screenshot
  • Support for Word Doc format, in addition to pdf support
  • Settings are automatically saved for future use
  • Exit program button in settings form


Quote from

"A very useful program, I recommend everyone to use, especially to those who often experience tutorials and guides"


SnapInstall professional

This is the full features licensed version of SnapInstall.

Old price: €30.24